Welcome to Seventy-five year plan (previously known as Dear Suzy Studio)!

My name is Emma Andersen, and I run a one woman design studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Seventy-five year plan is my creative outlet, where I sell prints and products with my designs, illustrations and patterns.

Worldwide shipping is available. I print my posters and phone cases on demand through Printful, with facilities in both the US and Europe (so YAY - no more customs fees for EU countries!). If you order from USA the products will be printed and shipped locally and if you order from the EU the products will be printed and shipped from Latvia. Thank you Printful!

Default shop currency is Swedish kronor, but simply scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the prices in US dollars, or your local currency.

Wholesale request or requests for custom surface patterns, graphic identities or other creative collaborations are very welcome! Just drop me an email at hej@emmaandersen.se

Find out more about me and my client work here: